#11 Andrew Peterson

Andrew Peterson is the author of the Wingfeather Saga fantasy series. Also a critically acclaimed music artist, his lyrics and songwriting are compared by reviewers to James Taylor, Marc Cohn, and the late Rich Mullins. The four volumes of his Wingfeather Saga are coming out in brand-new editions in 2020 from WaterBrook Press. Available for the first time in collectible hardcover editions, the books sport new covers, new maps, and more than 40 new illustrations by Joe Sutphin.

“I’ve loved these kinds of stories since I was a kid. Fantasy has a certain kind of power that drew me in when I was young, and I still get butterflies in my stomach whenever I walk through the young adult or fantasy/sci-fi section of a bookstore. So when I finally decided to stop talking about someday writing a book and to actually write one, there was never any doubt that I wanted to try and tell a big, sweeping adventure story.”

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On the Edge of the Dark Sea of Darkness
Wingfeather Saga
Andrew Peterson
WaterBrook Press
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