Matt Mikalatos

One way we get to a biblical worldview is by being completely honest in our search for truth, because Jesus is the way, the truth and the life. So even though I’m inventing people groups and magic systems and characters I want to keep asking, “If this sort of magic were real, how would it honestly function, given what we know about human beings and the world around us from what Scripture teaches?”

So, in the Sunlit Lands one of the magical systems works in a sort of zero-sum way: If I use magic to build a house faster, that means someone else will find that building their house will take longer.

The biblical worldview comes in as we start asking the sorts of questions God cares about: Is this sort of magic just or unjust? Could it be used for good in the right setting? If there is injustice, how do the people of God overcome that?

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The Sunlit Lands #2
Matt Mikalatos
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