Patrick W. Carr

Actually, it’s not as much of a challenge as you would think. I write incredibly flawed characters. Errol is a drunk and Willet is a killer. Neither of these characters would be out of place in the Bible. My books are populated with men and women who make mistakes and sometimes they make really bad decisions. Later, they suffer the consequences of those decisions and learn from them.

I understand the urge to create a fictional world where the main characters shine like paragons of virtue that others look up to, but that’s a bad, and dangerous, fantasy. By bad, I mean it’s not only bad writing, it’s bad theology. We’re going to make mistakes.

If you’re walking around in your earth-suit and you don’t have some serious regrets, then I think you’ve got a problem. Our characters should reflect ourselves. Clean, sanitized characters don’t connect with anybody. I’d much rather see someone claw their way out of the muck.

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Patrick W. Carr
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