Steve Rzasa

Most of my novels are science fiction, so the worldbuilding involves advanced technology. My faith doesn’t make it more difficult, because I spend a lot of time extrapolating from history and technology what future versions and advancements would be like.

For my fantasy novels, The Bloodheart and The Lightningfall, that’s a trickier question. Those stories involve the use of elemental magic by both heroes and villains. In that case, I start from the perspective that magic in the story world is not what the Bible classifies as “witchcraft” or “sorcery.” Instead, it is an elemental force that I made part of the fictional Creation, and therefore just as much God’s handiwork as gravity and wind.

In summary, the more fantastical the story, the more I reference my faith to determine if what I’m portraying jives with the Bible, if the concept is even mentioned.

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For Us Humans: A Tale of Alien Occupation
Steve Rzasa
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