Lisa M. Clark

World building in general is an interesting challenge! At first, it was great to let my imagination run wild. But by the second book, I had to be consistent! There’s an entire document now that my editors and I created simply to keep details straight.

As a Christian author, I wrestled with many questions about the world I was creating. It’s important to me as a Christian to be honest about reality. And that includes the fact that our world is not perfect. In order to talk about grace and forgiveness, we need to acknowledge the need for both.

The dystopian genre was a perfect way for me to explore some of the dark places in our lives while also shining the Light of the world. I tried to balance the dark places with hope, and I tried to write so that different readers with different maturity levels will take in certain themes in appropriate ways. That was especially the case in the last book.

Ultimately, I didn’t write anything that hasn’t already happened in one way or another, which was a way for me to stay honest in my setting.

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