Gillian Bronte Adams

Actually, I think the way that you phrased it is kind of the answer to the challenge, at least for me. As I begin to build a new story-world, I intentionally think about the themes and the symbolism that will be woven into the story and into the structure of the world and whatever natural or magical systems power it.

Those themes and symbols are “grounded” in Scripture. And so there, in the very building blocks of my world, my characters, and my plot, I hope to weave a string of biblical DNA, if you will.

Our God is a Creator and He is infinitely creative. I love seeing God’s creativity in the world around me. Just take a peek inside the ocean if you want to be totally wowed and awed by beauty and diversity!

As a fantasy writer, I love that I get to explore this aspect of God’s character, His creativity, on a very tiny scale. And as I explore and let my imagination run wild, fueled by Scripture, I want the stories I tell and the worlds I dream up to leave readers longing to understand the Great Story that God has been weaving in our world since He created it.

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Gillian Bronte Adams
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