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Cathy Gohlke
The historical author talks about the inspiration behind her WW2-era novel Night Bird Calling, why her novel touches on such difficult topics, and how she hopes her novel will resonate with readers.

Erin Bartels
The contemporary author explains why she used All That We Carried to touch on serious themes, what draws her to hiking, and how her characters each deal with grief.

Laura Frantz
The historical author reveals the deal with “tobacco brides,” her inspiration for the novel Tidewater Bride, and what keeps her coming back to Colonial Virginia.

Department Spotlights

Historical Q&A Jody Hedlund

Historical Q&A Erica Vetsch

Historical Q&A Tara Johnson

Suspense Q&A Lynette Eason

Suspense Q&A Rachel Dylan

YA Q&A A.K. Pittman

On The Web
Joel C. Rosenberg to release ‘The Beirut Protocol,’ psychologist-turned-children’s author Rob Currie draws from the events of WWII to drive home lessons relevant for today, and Lisa Washington wins the Author Elite ‘Clean Romance’ Award.

Christian Fiction New Releases
New and recent releases, including titles from Lynette Eason, Shelley Shepard Gray, Erin Bartels, Tracie Peterson and Kimberley Woodhouse, Susanne Dietze, Carla Laureano, and more!



Department Spotlights

New Releases

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