For our FamilyFiction 2024 Romance Special, we asked our readers to weigh in on their favorite type of Romance stories and their favorite Christian Romance authors.

We’re pleased to announce the results right here! We hope you’ll take a look at who Christian romance readers picked as their favorite authors—including those who write Romance, Amish Romance, Contemporary
Romance, Historical Romance, Romantic Suspense, Sci-fi/Fantasy Romance, and Time-slip/Split-time Romance!

Favorite Type of Romance Story

We know that lots of FamilyFiction readers love a good tale of Romance—but what kind of tale? We asked, and this is how our readers answered…

Amish Romance 26.5%

Contemporary Romance 26.5%

Historical Romance 21%

Romantic Suspense 16.5% 

Sci-fi/Fantasy Romance   9%

Time-slip/Split-time Romance   0.5%


Top 20 Romance Authors for 2024!

1. Lynette Eason 

2. Colleen Coble

3. Karen Witemeyer 

4. Irene Hannon 

5. Susan May Warren 

6. Denise Hunter

7. Dee Henderson

8. Susan Sleeman

9. Tracie Peterson

10. Julie Klassen

11. Pepper Basham

12. Dani Pettrey

13. Elizabeth Goddard

14. Rachel Hauck

15. Mary Connealy

16. Becky Wade

17. Tamera Alexander

18. Karen Kingsbury

19. Laura Frantz

20. Roseanna W. White

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