Review: Lynn Austin’s RETURN TO ME

"When a biblical fiction novel makes readers yearn for and turn to the Bible, it has succeeded in its purpose to speak to the heart and its desire to draw closer to God's encompassing embrace."

Review: Lisa T. Bergren’s GLITTERING PROMISES

"As much a story about spiritual awakening and personal acceptance as it is a romantic suspense, Glittering Promises is the satisfying conclusion that readers having been seeking for this rags to riches tale."

Review: Kathleen Bauer’s BEFORE THE DAWN

"Bauer's characters experience remarkable growth throughout the novel. When Charlotte's grandkids first arrive, she's constantly anxious, desperate to keep a happy face for the grieving kids. At first, Charlotte bases her parenting style on how she raised her own kids, but she comes to realize that she can make some changes this time . . . "