Let Candace Calvert’s Romance Novels Inspire You

By Candace Calvert

Although I can be categorized as a Christian fiction author, my niche is “medical hope opera.” I enjoy writing realistic medical and heart-pounding romance stories that offer my readers a chance to “scrub in” with my characters. If you’re in need of a date night idea this Valentine’s Day, look no further. Below, find a few fictional, but very fun, examples of ways my characters have been swept off their feet!

Slip Into Your Dancing Shoes (Claire & Logan, Critical Care)

Critical Care (Mercy Hospital #1)

calvert-criticalcare-big-300x450A great date for: the dancer! Inviting your significant other dancing is a great way for both of you to get your hearts pumping and to see each other’s fun side. Whether you are good dancers or not, you are all but guaranteed physical closeness and a fond memory.

Belt Out a Karaoke Duet (Erin & Scott, Disaster Status)

Disaster Status (Mercy Hospital #2)

calvert-disasterstatus-big-300x450A great date for: the musician! Whether you have perfect pitch or sing solely in the shower, karaoke will certainly shake things up. Getting out of your comfort zone with a date is the perfect way to get to know them. If nothing else, it’ll be a fun night filled with laughter.

Play Tourist in Your Own City (Leigh & Nick, Code Triage)

Code Triage (Mercy Hospital #3)

calvert-codetriage-big-300x450A great date for: the world traveler! When visiting a new locale, it is always fun to explore and take in the sights. But have you ever considered taking the scenic tour of your own hometown? Invite your date out to experience your town as a local. This is a great chance to not only show off your favorite hidden gems but also discover new ones as you each share what you love most about your city.

Nibble & Nosh at Gourmet Food Trucks (Kate & Wes, Rescue Team)

Rescue Team (Grace Medical #2)

calvert-rescueteam-big-300x450A great date for: those looking to put a twist on a classic! Take your dinner date up one notch and visit the local food truck scene in your neighborhood. One of the advantages to this low-key meal option is the ability to take your food and walk around. Find your favorite local spot and have a picnic.

Let Him Be the Chef (Lauren & Eli, Life Support)

Life Support (Grace Medical #3)

calvert-lifesupport-big-300x450A great date for: the chef! What can be more romantic than enjoying a meal cooked with care by your date? This is a great opportunity to let his culinary skills shine.

Make Your Car the Perfect Picnic Spot (Sloane & Micah, Maybe It’s You)

Maybe It’s You (Crisis Team #3)

calvert-crisisteam03-300x450A great date for: bad weather! Grab your favorite takeout, add some pretty napkins, and drive to the top of your favorite hiking trail, that beautiful serene lake, or anywhere with a great view. This date allows you to enjoy a meal and truly get to know your date while you share your favorite picnic spot. As an added bonus, because you’re enjoying the sights from your car, this date is weatherproof.

I hope you’re inspired to design your own romantic adventure—parachutes and hiking boots not required. A bit of imagination and a generous splash of humor goes a long way.

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