Compiled by C.J. Darlington

We asked 11 Christian authors: “What’s your favorite drink to order at your local coffee shop and why do you love it?”


juliecantrell2017-100x100“I drink a lot of hot tea, especially herbals. We have a great local coffeehouse here in Oxford, MS. where I love to grab a good cup of tea, especially this time of year. But… if the weather is hot–as it always is in Louisiana where I have been spending a lot of time helping my family recover from The Great Flood–then I opt for the strawberry acai iced tea from Starbucks. The fresh slices of strawberries make me very happy.”


robinleehatcher-blue-2017-100x100“On the rare occasion that I stop by a coffee shop, I order a Vanilla Latte. And it’s the real deal. No non-fat or no-sugar. If I’m paying that much for a beverage, I want the full treatment. And here’s why: For years I got the low calorie version. Then, when on a cruise, I forgot to request it that way. When I took my first sip, I said, ‘This is amazing! This is so good!’ Finally, I realized I hadn’t ordered sugar free or non-fat. It’s a good thing I rarely go to a coffee shop.”


higgs-2017-100x100“Venti Chai Tea Latte. Angela Hunt, novelist extraordinaire, introduced me to this delicious treat in July 2004 at a Starbucks in Atlanta (weird how you remember this stuff). From the first sip I thought it tasted like liquid pumpkin pie. I’ve been hooked ever since. Yum.”


kirkpatrick-2017-100x100I always order peppermint tea. It may seem boring with that list of elixirs to purchase from but peppermint soothes the stomach. Since my innards have a way of gathering the stress in my life to its space, greeting the gut with peppermint makes me feel better. I miss the pretty designs of the barista but simple is also splendid.


tamara-leigh-2017-100x100What is my favorite coffee shop drink and why am I hooked? That question is right up my alley–er, daily Starbucks visit. Though I can be unfaithful and largely unrepentant (Hello, Pumpkin Spice Latte season!) I always come back to Extra Hot Caramel Macchiato. Why do I love it? Let me count the ways. The foam–oh, the foam! The caramel–just the right amount, some of which sinks to the bottom to sweeten the last sips. The espresso–love the dark taste. The protein–all that milk energizes me for a day of writing. The baristas–adore them and their coffee craft and artistry. My table at the back–at which I mostly stand. And sip. And write.


McCourtney-100I usually just ask for a Mocha Something, with lots of whipped cream on top.


Raney-100After my husband and I moved from our small town to the city, we spent a whole year exploring Wichita’s coffee shops. We have several favorite places ambiance-wise, but I think my favorite coffee drink so far is the Vietnamericano from Wichita’s Espresso To Gogo. It’s rich and creamy, made with sweetened condensed milk. Delicious and so unique!


Jordyn-Redwood-color-100My favorite drink to order at Starbucks is an iced chai tea latte with two extra pumps of chai. I never developed a taste for coffee. The first cup of coffee I ever tasted was a bitter brew and it’s turned me off ever since. I’m definitely a tea girl and I do use coffee creamers in my tea for added flavor. Try it some time!


rivers_francine-100x100My favorite drink at Starbucks is a piping hot Vente Carmel Latte. I don’t go often. So when I do, I consider it a real treat and savor it to the last delicious drop. Usually, I live on cup after cup of rich black coffee, a combination of Yuban Dark Roast and Folgers Decaf expertly blended and brewed by my husband, Rick.


gayleroper-2017-100x100Coffee shop? Not my cup of tea. And neither is tea except on rare occasions. I like cold and fizzy, even for breakfast (I know, I know, but why not?) Coke is my beverage of choice, Diet Coke if I’m being good, real Coke if I’m slipping.


James L._Rubart-100There are drinks other than a White Chocolate Mocha? I love this learning something new every day thing. I’ve always loved the taste of white chocolate and mixed with coffee it’s perfection. I had a friend tell me real men don’t get foo-foo drinks like White Chocolate Mochas and I told him real men don’t care what other men think about their coffee choices.

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