“The book was inspired by actual news articles about diseases, bacteria, and microbes—even “zombie worms”—lying dormant in permafrost that is melting around the world today.”

Headed to paperback August 18, Tosca Lee’s dystopian thriller A Single Light follows the survivors of a mysterious outbreak:

Six months after vanishing into an underground silo with sixty others, Wynter and Chase emerge to find the area abandoned. No sign of the others who were to greet them when they emerged—the same people Wynter was counting on to help her locate the IV antibiotics her gravely ill friend, Julie, needs in order to live. As the clock ticks down on Julie’s life, Wynter and Chase embark on a desperate search for medicine and answers. With food and water in limited supply and their own survival in question, Chase and Wynter come face-to-face with a society radically changed by global pandemic. As hope fades by the hour and Wynter learns the terrible truth of the last six months, she is called upon once again to help save the nation she no longer recognizes—a place so dark she’s no longer sure it can even survive.

Tosca told FamilyFiction about the research she did for the book:

“I’m very lucky in that my sister is a practicing and teaching physician. She spent hours explaining how diseases can make the jump from animals to humans, and recombine, and scary things like that and helping me create the disease in the book. Beyond that, I spent time studying cults, ancient seeds and seed vaults (which factor into the story), doomsday prepping and bug-out shelters. Stuff that sounds kind of off the wall, but that I found extremely interesting.”

A Single Light is a thriller of nonstop suspense about the risks of living in a world outside the safe confines of our closely-held beliefs and the relationships and lives that inspire us.

A Single Light

Howard Books
Tosca Lee
Release Date: 8/18/20

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About The Author

Tosca Lee is the award-winning New York Times bestselling author of The Progeny, Firstborn, Iscariot, The Legend of Sheba, Demon: A Memoir, Havah: The Story of Eve, and the Books of Mortals series with New York Times bestseller Ted Dekker. She received her BA in English and International Relations from Smith College. A lifelong adventure traveler, Tosca makes her home in the Midwest with her husband and children.