With its September 2020 issue, FamilyFiction, the premier news source for Christian fiction of all genres, celebrates 10 years since it released its first digital issue with Karen Kingsbury on the cover. Over the years, FamilyFiction has served as an important resource for helping consumers discover the best in Christian fiction, through a monthly digital magazine, email newsletter and website—and, beginning October 2020, the new Christian Romance Book Club Podcast.

FamilyFiction launched in 2010, with its first digital magazine issue cover dated September/October of that year. The magazine has since gone on to feature Christian storytellers in all genres, including Francine Rivers, Ted Dekker, Priscilla Shirer, Beverly Lewis, Tosca Lee, Jan Karon, Terri Blackstock, Lynn Austin, Dee Henderson, Tamera Alexander, Tim LaHaye, Wanda E. Brunstetter, and so many more. The platform has also shared interviews and updates for such popular Christian properties as VeggieTales, Berenstain Bears, and Adventures in Odyssey. FamilyFiction also covers up-and-coming authors, faith films, and new products.

While there have been some changes over the years, FamilyFiction’s focus continues to be spotlighting the breadth of Christian storytelling—including Amish fiction, Historical, Suspense, Speculative, Romance, Contemporary, Young Adult, and Children’s titles, as well as Christian stories told through other media, such as comics, movies, and animation—with timely news updates, up-to-date release lists, reviews, interviews, book trailers and more.

“There’s a Christian audience hungry for clean stories that bolster their Christian beliefs,” says Ross Cluver, who became the independent owner and publisher of FamilyFiction in 2017. “The mission of FamilyFiction is to build a bridge between that audience and all the authors, creators, and publishers who want to serve them. We also reach out to all those Christians who watch TV and read novels and love stories, but have no idea these great authors and creators exist. This is an exciting opportunity to help Christian authors, creators, and publishers reach more people.”

Current and back issues of FamilyFiction digital magazine can be found here:

The Christian Romance Book Club Podcast

Vanessa Riley

In October 2020, FamilyFiction launches the Christian Romance Book Club Podcast, an interview show spotlighting its online book club and Facebook group. Host Erica Well has assembled a great lineup for its first season, including Colleen Coble, Liz Johnson, Wanda E. Brunstetter, Vanessa Riley, DiAnn Mills, Amy Grochowski, Kim Vogel Sawyer, Tammy L. Gray, Lynette Eason, Michelle Shocklee, Dana Becker, Denise Hunter,  Kathleen Y’Barbo, and Roseanna M. White.

The Christian Romance Book Club can be found here:

Christian Authors On the Impact of FamilyFiction

To mark the tenth anniversary of FamilyFiction, several beloved Christian novelists expressed their warm wishes and share what FamilyFiction has meant to them over these years.

“I’ve very much appreciated FamilyFiction for their author articles and book coverage.  I’ve found many new authors this way, but have also heard from readers who are delighted to get further insight into their favorite authors, as well as information about what is new in the market.  I’ve enjoyed those aspects as well. I congratulate FamilyFiction on ten years of quality information and pray that they will have many successful years to come.
Tracie Peterson, author of Forever By Your Side

gillian“As an author, I’m so grateful to FamilyFiction and all they do to help readers love on my stories! To have such overwhelming support and encouragement from them means more than I can say. So, thank you so much FamilyFiction and Happy 10th Anniversary! Keep being awesome!”
Lynette Eason, author of Acceptable Risk

“Wishing FamilyFiction a great big congratulations for ten years of excellent coverage for so many genres of fiction. Your team’s the best! Hope your next ten years are even better!”
Melody Carlson, author of The Christmas Swap and The Happy Camper

FamilyFiction continues to tower above all other sites as the go-to for writers, readers, movie enthusiasts, and those who are simply curious about Christian fiction. Congratulations to FamilyFiction for continuing to provide outstanding Christian entertainment to readers who expect the best in reading and viewing pleasure. I’m looking forward to where God leads you.”
DiAnn Mills, author of Airborne

FamilyFiction is my go-to source for Christian fiction: what’s coming to the book shelves, behind the scene moments, and newsy news. Whenever the latest issue appears in my in-box, I stop what I’m doing, grab a cup of coffee, and enjoy a click-through.”
Suzanne Woods Fisher, author of On a Coastal Breeze

FamilyFiction is a page-turner from beginning to end for me each month with their contests, featured authors’ articles, and more. I love FamilyFiction Magazine as an author and reader, because they have a wonderful and talented staff who create exciting, informative, and positive articles I look forward to each month.”
Molly Jebber, author of the Amish Charm Bakery series

FamilyFiction has been a bright spot of encouragement in my writing life! I’m grateful for your consistent efforts to support God-honoring novels. Thank you!”
Becky Wade, author of Stay With Me

“I love that I can go to FamilyFiction and find all the new book releases, learn about my favorite authors, discover new authors, and get behind-the-scenes insight into some of my favorite stories. FamilyFiction is like a treasure trove of literary riches that delight my book-loving heart!”
Natalie Walters, author of Silent Shadows

“Happy Anniversary to FamilyFiction Magazine! They have been champions of Christian fiction, and I’m so very grateful to them for their choice to build a magazine around books that honor the Lord.”
Kathleen Y’Barbo, author of The Black Midnight

“Every author appreciates those invaluable channels that connect our stories to readers who enjoy and relate to them. FamilyFiction has helped me bring my stories of the South to their incredible audience. Many thanks to the editors for their support and for all they do to promote and celebrate storytelling.”
Valerie Fraser Luesse, author of The Key to Everything

“Throughout this blessed decade, I’ve enjoyed everything FamilyFiction has shared with the public. The magazine and website introduced me to new readers, other writers, publishers, and helped me broaden my ‘writer’s reach’. It’s been a great ten years, and I wish everyone at FamilyFiction continued success!”
Loree Lough, USA Today bestselling author of 123 award-winning books including The Little Child Shall Lead Them series

FamilyFiction deserves an award for being the go-to source for all things fiction. A decade of interviews, resources and compelling commentary is no small feat. Congrats to them for reaching an incredible milestone that’s blessed many lives.”
Rachel Fordham, author of A Life Once Dreamed

“Thank you, FamilyFiction for ten years of great reporting. I look forward to your magazine each month as I know it will be filled with interesting articles on the latest releases in safe-for-the-whole-family-to-read fiction books. And as a bonus, the website is brimming with books, interviews, and interesting articles too. Well done!”
Susan Sleeman, author of Minutes to Die

“For ten years, FamilyFiction has been sparkling reading happiness like gold glitter in a world sorely in need of brilliance. Thanks for sharing the book love!”
Michelle Griep, Christy Award-winning author of Once Upon a Dickens Christmas

FamilyFiction is a wonderful resource that helps readers who want wholesome, grace-filled, uplifting stories cut through the literary clutter and find novels that entertain, enrich, and enlighten. It’s a blessing for which I am truly grateful, both as an author and a reader.”
Irene Hannon, author of Point of Danger

“I’ve loved FamilyFiction for so many reasons, and most of them have nothing to do with me as an author, so much as me as a reader! They encapsulate the Christian publishing world so well, and their features of various authors, upcoming releases, and other news makes it a must read for me. Not only a must read, but also a must share with other readers so they can benefit from the marvelous world of Family Fiction!”
Jaime Jo Wright, Christy-Award winning author of The House on Foster Hill and Inspy Award-winning Echoes Among the Stones

“I always love seeing my books featured in FamilyFiction magazine. The support they give authors is invaluable. Congratulations and thank you for 10 amazing years.”
Jennifer Beckstrand, author of The Huckleberry Hill series

“A magazine like FamilyFiction dedicated to sharing the good news of what’s happening in the world of Christian fiction is a blessing to authors and readers. Each issue is a treat with fun author interviews and articles while highlighting all the newest releases. I’m sure I’ve found new readers for my stories by having my books show up in FamilyFiction. Love seeing each new issue of FamilyFiction.”
Ann H. Gabhart, author of An Appalachian Summer

“Thank you for being a resource that readers—and authors—can count on!”
Virginia Wise, author of the Amish New World series

“Happy anniversary, FamilyFiction, and many, many thanks for introducing me to new authors through your insightful and always entertaining interviews. Each issue is a delight to read.”
Amanda Cabot, author of Out of the Embers

“Back in 2014, I won a FamilyFiction short story contest for a 1000 word piece set just before WWII. The editor at the time asked if I’d ever considered writing a historical fiction novel, which I hadn’t. She encouraged me to give it a try because she’d love to hear more from me. After scribbling out five full manuscripts, and each one getting slightly better, my debut historical novel with Bethany House releases this November. FamilyFiction had a huge part in launching me on this journey, and besides that, I’ve loved getting to know fellow authors and their books within its pages. So thankful for this reader-focused publication!”
Amy Lynn Green, author of Things We Didn’t Say

The Mission of FamilyFiction

The mission of FamilyFiction is to help Christian readers and viewers find the authors, creators, books, and products that will bolster their faith and also suit their personal genre tastes. As such, FamilyFiction covers new Christian and/or family-friendly products in the following categories:

  • Suspense (including mysteries, thrillers, and romantic suspense)
  • Amish fiction
  • Contemporary/General Christian Fiction
  • Romance
  • Historical (including biblical fiction, historical drama, and historical romance)
  • Speculative Fiction (including supernatural, science fiction, and fantasy)
  • YA/Young Adult Fiction
  • Children’s Books
  • Christian movies, TV, and home video
  • Christian comics and animation

In addition to its commitment to connecting the audience with the creators and publishers, FamilyFiction has also developed a suite of services to help authors and publishers more directly. These services and products can be found here:

17 Authors: How to Support Your Favorite Authors
50 Essential Christian Fiction Authors – 2020 Edition
40 Essential Christian Romance Authors – 2020 Edition
40 Essential Christian Speculative Authors
40 Essential Christian Suspense Authors – 2019 Edition
22 Top Christian Authors on The Power of Story To Share Biblical Truth
Suspense Panel: Writing Crime Fiction as Christian Authors
Romance Panel: Writing Love Stories as Christian Authors

About FamilyFiction

FamilyFiction is the premier source for news and interviews from the world of Christian storytelling. The website, digital magazine, and weekly newsletter share news and updates for Christian fiction and films. The brand covers such authors as Karen Kingsbury, Ted Dekker, Beverly Lewis, Joel C. Rosenberg, and Francine Rivers, and such beloved properties as VeggieTales, Berenstain Bears, and Adventures in Odyssey. FamilyFiction also covers up-and-coming authors, faith films, and new products. Find out more on their website at FamilyFiction.com.