Protect and Cherish
Emily Grey
White Rose Publishing
Genres: Romance
Release Date: September 16, 2021


Book Summary:
Can a Sheriff with Trust Issues and a Woman Who’s Lost Her Faith Find Peace and Happiness?

Liz Summer, attempting to hide from her abusive boyfriend, is arrested. The threat of prosecution for her unwitting involvement in an illegal scheme hangs over her. With her life literally in the hands of the county sheriff, Liz has no option but to trust a total stranger. Will he believe in her innocence and help keep her safe or prosecute her to the fullest extent of the law.

Sheriff Roy McMann isn’t sure of Liz’s involvement in a crime, but he recognizes her physical bruises for what they are. Instead of incarceration, he offers her a clown job to entertain the local children and keep her identity hidden while he works to discover the full truth.
Liz wants to help Roy learn to trust again and mend his broken heart. Roy vows to protect her from her ex and help restore her faith.

With the Lord’s help, can they clear the path to happiness and fulfill their tattered dreams?


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About The Author

Emily Grey writes Christian contemporary romance fiction and has been reading the genre since she was a youth. She finds reading and writing very rewarding. Blessed that her family is so supporting in her endeavor, she has the answer to her prayers in doing what she loves.

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Protect and Cherish

Christian Fiction New Book Release: Protect and Cherish by Emily Grey

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