Author Ginny Yttrup often uses her fiction to explore issues that women face. For example, her latest novel is the suspense title Convergence (Shiloh Run Press): Psychology professor Denilyn Rossi claims the past can haunt us or propel us forward—and there is a shadow she can’t shake. With her encouragement, a student, Adelia Sanchez, plans to entrap the man who attacked her. When Adelia’s present and Denilyn’s past converge with a brute bent on murder, will they survive? In this interview, Ginny shares the tragic inspiration for the book, the spiritual theme behind the story, and the best ways for readers to support their favorite authors…

Ginny, what inspired your suspense novel Convergence?

Sadly, the inspiration for the story came from a tragic event. Not long after moving to a new home in a beautiful, peaceful neighborhood, one of my neighbors was murdered by a man who had stalked her. She had also just moved to the neighborhood in an attempt to get away from her stalker. But he found her, and one morning as she returned home from taking her young sons to school, he was waiting for her and shot her.

The gunshots rocked our peaceful neighborhood, but not nearly as much as the realization that this man had robbed two young boys of the life of their mother. I pray for those boys each time I pass their former home.

Many times, when I write a novel, I find myself “re-writing” a piece of my own story or someone else’s story. Maybe by changing the details, offering an ending that shows hope and redemption, I’m looking ahead to the time to come when the enemy has been defeated for all time and we’ll live in peace for eternity.

What spiritual themes or ideas are there in the book?

The theme for Convergence was taken from 1 Timothy 1:7, which says: “God gave us a spirit not of fear but of power and love and self-control.” I wanted to show what happens when a woman relinquishes fear and lives out of the power the Spirit of God provides each of us who believe in Jesus.

There are two women caught up in these events—psychology professor Denilyn Rossi, and a student, Adelia Sanchez. What about these characters made you want to tell their stories?

Denilyn and Adelia were good friends who shared something in common. I wanted to show not only their friendship, but the struggle that wove them together.

Through Convergence, I hope readers will see the power of God and the importance of our love and support for each other, whether through hardship or success. Our love for one another reveals the love God has for each of His children.

How does your faith impact how you write as a storyteller?

My faith in Jesus is the foundation of all my stories. It’s the reason I write—to point others to deeper dependence on God. My faith is also the only reason I ever finish writing a book! God through me—His strength through my weakness.

Left to my own devices, I may come up with good ideas, but I’d never do anything with them. But when I depend on God, recognize that He is using me for His purpose, and surrender to His way for me, then He enables and equips me to do the work He’s offered me.

What are the best ways for readers to support their favorite authors?

First and foremost, readers can best support their favorite authors by praying for them. Second, readers can support authors by sharing their work with others. If a reader enjoys a book, authors hope they’ll share the title with friends, share it on social media, and bless the author by leaving a review on Amazon and/or Goodreads.

Also, if a reader has a few extra minutes, an email to a favorite author telling them how God used their work will always encourage them.

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