Daphne Self, formerly published under the name D.M. Webb, resides in Iowa. As a Mississippian transplant, she spends her days in the Midwest state writing, editing, reading, antiquing, and planning adventures. She pursues her dream as an editor and author with one goal in mind: To Glorify His Name. Daphne is also an avid reader who devours book in many genres.

In this interview she talks about her latest novel, the first book in her new Legends of Light Series titled When Legends Rise.

FF: What inspired the story in your book?
This was a book that began many years ago and was rejected by Tor, Daw, and Baen Publishing, long before I knew anything about Christian fiction. The idea for the book came from watching a lot of sci-fi films and shows and playing the “what-if” game. I tweaked it throughout the years, but last year (2021) I was thinking back on the film Equilibrium starring Christian Bale. What if the main character was genetically modified to feel nothing, to become the perfect killing machine? What if something happens and he “awakens” to become more than what men designed him to be? And that started the rewrite and When Legends Rise was born.

FF: What can you tell us about the main characters in your book?
I did something a bit different with my main male character, Jules. I gave him a beta personality, which meant he had these characteristics: philosophical, flexible, adaptable, relaxed, empathic, introverted, among many others. Yet he also had alpha tendencies, which were ambition, organized, focused, self-confident. I wanted to veer away from the “alpha male” trope. As for my female main character, Abigail, I let her be Irish to the core! She is the catalyst. Without her, there wouldn’t be a story.

FF: Which character surprised you the most?
Jules surprised me a lot while I was writing him. But it was the secondary character, JJ, that really surprised me. I wasn’t planning on giving him much “page time,” but he became a beloved character. One that prompted me to write a prequel with him as the main character.

FF: Why do you think storytelling is such a powerful way to share truth?
Anyone can pick up the Bible and read it. Yet even Jesus told parables to stress a truth. So in books, we can show brokenness, pain, hope, and love; we can show relatable characters. And by doing so, readers can see themselves in these characters. And when there is hope for a character, a reader will feel that hope too. Plus, when a reader loves a book, the words will stay with him or her for days if not years to come. All it takes is one little seed, and that is what a book is.

FF: What do you want readers to take away after reading your book?
No matter the extent of your sin, Jesus is there for you.

FF: What are the biggest challenges for you as an author writing in your specific genre
Writing science fiction is different from romance or romantic suspense. I understand technical jargon and scientific vernacular, but I knew that some of my readers may not. So I had to strike that delicate balance between storytelling and technobabble. In other words, don’t be too Star-Trekky, but don’t be too vague either.

FF: How has your faith or world view impacted the way you tell stories?
My faith is too much a part of me. So it is natural that I would write from a Christian worldview, yet I also have known hardships, loss, heartache, trauma, illnesses, etc. Platitudes and recycled phrases do not help. So I take my experiences and work them into my stories. I try to mirror life and show the hope that can always be found. Because that is what I believe: there is hope in Christ Jesus.

When Legends Rise
Legends of Light Series #1
Daphne Self
Ambassador International
Genres: Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Release Date: July 26, 2022

ISBN-10: ‎ 1649603487
ISBN-13: ‎ 978-1649603487

Book Summary:
He is now one of them.

Genetically altered …Designed to kill…Trained to eradicate..Until he became more. Juliet 7-A was the top elite assassin for the Global Federated Territories until an ambush deemed him beyond salvaging. He was scheduled for decommission. His only recourse for survival is a new identity and his search for the one friend he had―a friend who defected and deserted him.

Those he once hunted will save him. Yet it comes with a price. A price that demands much of him. What happens when an assassin awakens?


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About The Author

In-between writing her next novel or non-fiction devotional, and marketing her published works, Daphne Self travels, which makes life interesting and provides plenty of material for storylines.  A painter of wild and colorful scenes and dreamer of vivid and vast dreams, Daphne's true dream is to be a light for her Lord and write stories from the heart in hopes that it will speak to those who read them. Her desire is for a person to accept Jesus, for a heart to be soothed from its pain and hurt, or for a downhearted soul to be suddenly uplifted by reading her books. Daphne Self has previously published as D.M. Webb.