Mother, musician and marketer Rhonda Funk never expected to add “author” to her list of titles, but after she felt God wanted her to write, she created Pookster and Bubs, a series of books inspired by her son and daughter.

Each book in the series shows the title characters in a funny situation leading to a serious Biblical lesson. The newest book in the series, Bubs and the Out of Control Arm (Deep River), is a lesson in self-control.

“I think the biggest takeaway in the Pookster and Bubs series is that kids can and should apply Scripture to their lives just as adults do,” Funk said. “That is why I created this series.  It shows parents and children how important Scripture is at all ages.”

Each book, illustrated by Eric Kieninger, also comes with an audiobook, featuring the voices of the real life “Pookster” and “Bubs.”

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About The Author

Ben Avery is a high school teacher, a playwright, comic book writer, and active children's ministry worker. His work is designed to captivate readers and lead them to a closer relationship with Christ. He is the author of Kingdoms: A Biblical Epic and TimeFlyz.