What if at 19 years old you discovered that not only were you adopted, but you were also the victim of a failed abortion?

In Andrew and Jon Erwin’s first feature film, October Baby, Hannah sets out on a quest to find her birth mother and discovers much more than she expected. Co-directed by the Erwin brothers, and with a supporting cast that includes John Schneider and a hilarious performance by Christian music artist Chris Sligh, October Baby is a film that will touch lives without condemnation.

Andrew and Jon got their start helping their father at his TV station job. In exchange, they were allowed to use the equipment from midnight to 4 am. “From there it was a hobby that grew out of control,” Andrew says. “We fell in love with telling stories.” Up until their 20s the brothers made their living as sports cameramen, but their big break came in directing the documentary The Cross and the Towers, a film about the iron cross found at ground zero after 9-11. They have since directed 50 Christian music videos for the likes of Skillet, Michael W. Smith and Casting Crowns.

“Sometimes as a filmmaker you go out to find your stories,” Andrew says. “But most of the time they find you. We heard a girl named Gianna Jessen speak on YouTube. She’s an abortion survivor. She has cerebral palsy as a result, but has an amazing outlook on life. Rather than film a documentary, we decided to become more subversive with October Baby and make a charming, coming-of-age love story. Looking at abortion through the eyes of the victim was much less polarizing.

“At its core the movie really is about forgiveness,” Andrew adds. “Ultimately, no matter what the viewers’ background or views on the subject, I hope they go away being very moved. I don’t feel you can change someone’s mind until you move their heart.”

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