Streaming channel Netflix has been funding original programming at a fantastic rate—spending some $8 billion on content this year alone, and planning to have about 700 original TV shows by the end of 2018. However, picking through the current offerings to find family friendly (much less faith-friendly) content can be a chore.

That may soon change: Fox New reports that Netflix’s Cindy Holland says the channel has plans to offer subscribers faith and family-based shows. “It’s a very important audience to us,” she told reporters. “It represents a significant percentage of the population not only here in the U.S., but around the world.”

Holland added, “I want to make some great programming for my cousins and their families too. So it is something that we are focused on really building out a robust slate of family-friendly programming.”

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Of course, Netflix isn’t the first to stream Christian and family friend shows and movies. Here are some options you can subscribe to right now…

Since 1999, Christian Cinema has provided entertainment that inspires families of Faith. With more ways to watch than ever, Christian Cinema keeps your entire Christian library organized and ready to play. Stream from your Roku, Apple TV, or Chromecast.

The mission of Crossflix is to spread and strengthen the faith in Christ by offering entertaining movies, documentaries, and Biblical education for adults and children. Available on streaming and mobile devices including Roku, Google Play, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, and

This channel comes from The Dove Foundation, known for its trusted Faith & Family Dove Seals of Approval. The Dove Channel offers members an ever-increasing selection of high quality, family friendly movies, children’s programs, documentaries, and TV series.

Parables is a digital video streaming service that features a wide variety of wholesome content that’s fun and safe for the entire family to enjoy, including award-winning movies, TV shows, series, documentaries and children’s programming.

Film studio Pure Flix created their streaming channel to offer a mix of family-friendly and wholesome entertainment with movies for all ages, kid’s animated titles, documentaries, how-to’s, hobbies, educational, health & fitness, sports, outdoors and travel plus many inspirational and devotional titles.

UP Faith & Family
UP Faith & Family offers a subscription service that focuses on family and faith-friendly programming. Binge the best family movies, uplifting Christian movies, children’s favorites, Christmas movies and comedies with new titles added every week! Available on several platforms, including Roku, Prime Video Channels, Sling TV, and more.

On top of all those that, Fast Company reports there are more streaming channels that may potentially go after the same audience. Walmart is rumored to be exploring its own streaming service for customers in middle America who feel under-served, and Disney’s own branded streaming service has been promised to focus on family-friendly programming.

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