Comic strip distributor King Features Syndicate has quite a stable of titles—including the likes of Family Circus, Flash Gordon and Hi and Lois. They also distribute Kevin Frank’s faith-based comic Heaven’s Love Thrift Shop. This latest series from the veteran cartoonist is set in a thrift shop, where the humor centers around the staff’s interactions with customers.

According to King Features: “One of the main goals of Heaven’s Love Thrift Shop is to make readers smile and maybe help them view the world in a more redemptive or open and giving way.” Ask your local newspaper to carry it in their comics section.

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About The Author

Kevin Frank is the creator of the comic feature Oboe Jones, which ran for ten years and won an award from the Evangelical Press Association in 1989. For two years, Kevin created a comic feature for Campus Life magazine called Zed, which also received an EPA award (2005). He currently draws a strip for his local weekly called True North and the nationally syndicated weekly strip Heaven's Love Thrift Shop.