Nashville, TN, October 30, 2023
Christian Newswire has announced that Minno, Slingshot Productions, Sunrise Animation Studios, and Angel Studios team up to release the episodic Young David Series beginning November 10.

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Young David brings to life the growing-up years of one of the greatest kings in history. Though he would go on to become a renowned leader and leave an unparalleled legacy, he had to start somewhere! The series steps into David’s early life as a young teenage shepherd—with lyre, slingshot, and sheep for friends. Rooted in Biblical context and populated with many of the actual people, places, and kinds of events David would have experienced, each episode focuses on one defining characteristic of David–the one God called a man after His own heart.

Exciting, engaging, and ready to inspire audiences of all ages around the globe, Young David is history-making animation that puts faith at the center of the screen for kids and families. Minno and Slingshot Productions led the development of the series, which will feature two original songs from Grammy-Award-winning Songwriter Jonas Myrin. Young David is a prequel to the full-length animated feature film David, to be released in 2025 by Slingshot Productions in partnership with Angel Studios.

“Kids deserve incredible, best-in-class stories,” says Erick Goss, CEO and Co-founder of Minno. “At Minno, we use the power of media to invite kids into God’s Story. Young David is a groundbreaking endeavor that blends state-of-the-art animation with timeless tales of faith and virtue cherished by God’s people globally. We’ve taken great care to ensure this series speaks to the heart, offering not just entertainment but also a celebration of shared values and lessons that transcend time. We’re excited to partner with Angel Studios and Slingshot Productions to offer a series that can delight families around the world.”

Rarely does this level of feature-film animation quality come to Christian kids’ content. The creators of Young David believe that God’s story deserves excellence, and so do kids and families. Young David delivers on that commitment to excellence, raising a new high bar for Christian content for kids.

Young David brings together a team of top talent that has worked on almost every major animated film of the past decade. World-class creatives with joint expertise from power-house studios such as DreamWorks, Pixar, Sony, Disney, Lucas Films, Sesame Workshop, PBS, Scholastic, Discovery Kids, Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, Jim Henson, and more make up this talented team from Minno, Slingshot Productions, and Sunrise Animation Studios.

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