Actors Kat Jennings and Scott Murphy are secretly in love, both on- and offscreen. When Kat’s Grandma Lenore, a former Hollywood starlet, mistakes their TV engagement for the real deal, Kat and Scott find themselves at the mercy of the paparazzi and wondering whether their real life romance will survive. Janice Thompson’s romantic comedy Stars Collide (Revell) was inspired by a summer spent in Los Angeles and her love of sitcoms. “I am a huge fan of Everybody Loves Raymond, and had it in mind as I wrote,” Janice says. “Another huge inspiration was 42nd Street with Ruby Keeler; I wanted Grandma Lenore to have that ‘old Hollywood’ feel about her.”

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About The Author

The prolific Janice Thompson, who also publishes as Janice Hanna, is a seasoned romance author and screenwriter who writes novels, non-fiction books, magazine articles and musical comedies for the stage. Her fiction ranges from romantic comedies to YA fiction to mysteries. Janice has written more than forty books, many under the name Janice A. Thompson. She lives in Texas.