Amanda Cabot is the bestselling author of After the Shadows, as well as several historical and contemporary romance series, including Mesquite Springs, Cimarron Creek Trilogy, Texas Crossroads, Texas Dreams, and Westward Winds. Her books have been finalists for the ACFW Carol Awards, the HOLT Medallion, and the Booksellers’ Best.

In this interview, Amanda shares some of her thought about book two in her Secrets of Sweetwater Crossing Series, titled Against the Wind.

FF: Please provide a brief summary of your novel, Against the Wind?
When a female doctor-in-training saves a handsome stranger’s life, little does she know that he’ll bring both love and danger into her life.

FF: Against the Wind is the second book in the Secrets of Sweetwater Crossing series. What is the connecting element for all of the books in the series?
There are two connecting elements: the relationships among the three Vaughn sisters, who are members of a blended family, and the mystery behind the man who built Finley House, their decidedly out-of-place home.

FF: Sweetwater Crossing is set in the Texas hill country. Why did you choose this location and time period for your series?
Not only have I loved the Hill Country from the first time I visited it, but judging from the fan mail I’ve received, it also appeals to readers. There’s so much history, not to mention natural beauty. As for the timeframe, I enjoy writing about the late 19th century because it’s far enough in the past to feel historical, but late enough that people had conveniences like trains and telegraphs.

FF: What do you hope readers will gain from reading Against the Wind?
Of course I hope they’ll enjoy the romance between Louisa and Josh, but I also hope the story of forging a new path when faced with obstacles will resonate with them.

FF: Against the Wind combines historical details with just the right touch of romance. But there is also an element of intrigue. Can you provide a hint of the danger that threatens your main protagonist, Louisa Vaughn?
I don’t want to give away too much of the story, so let’s just say that after Louisa makes some decisions that don’t please everyone in town, more than one person is determined to show her the error of her ways.

FF: Louisa Vaughn had no plans to stay in Sweetwater Crossing. What event led to her extended stay?
When she finds a man lying by the side of the road suffering from dehydration and a badly broken leg, she cannot abandon him. Instead she takes him to Sweetwater Crossing and agrees to stay until she can remove the cast.

FF: Your male protagonist, Josh Porter, is also a temporary visitor to Sweetwater Crossing. Can you provide some information on his backstory?
Josh’s grandfather has challenged his two grandsons to find a way to expand their family business (what he refers to as America’s answer to Fortnum & Mason), declaring that whoever develops the best proposal will gain control of the company. Unfortunately, Josh’s plans are stolen along with his horse, leaving him with nothing. Nothing, that is, until he sees new possibilities in Sweetwater Crossing.

FF: What do you love about writing historical novels?
It’s so much fun traveling back to what most people consider to be simpler times and creating characters and situations that are decidedly not simple.

Against the Wind
Secrets of Sweetwater Crossing Series #2
Amanda Cabot
Genres: Historical Romance
Release Date: October 3, 2023

ISBN-10: ‎0800740653
ISBN-13: ‎978-0800740658

Book Summary:
Doctor-in-training Louisa Vaughn has no intention of spending more than a few days in Sweetwater Crossing, but when she finds an injured man on the side of the road, she can’t abandon him. She’ll stay and serve as both the town doctor and the midwife until the man’s broken leg heals. But someone is determined to thwart her dreams of healing others.

Josh Porter is eager to step into his rightful role as head of the family business, if only he can prove himself to his grandfather. But his accident and the enforced stay in Sweetwater Crossing destroy his plans and leave him no option but to ponder different ideas. Maybe, just maybe, the right person to help make his dreams a reality is Louisa Vaughn.

As the two work together, can they fulfill their dreams while also uncovering who is behind the threats? And is there any future for them together when neither of them plans to stay in Sweetwater Crossing?


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About The Author

Amanda Cabot is the bestselling author of A Stolen Heart and A Borrowed Dream, as well as the Texas Crossroads, Texas Dreams, and Westward Winds series. Her books have been finalists for the ACFW Carol Awards and the Booksellers' Best. She lives in Wyoming.