Members of Christian rock band Skillet have teamed up with Christian comics publisher Z2 Comics for Eden: A Skillet Graphic Novel. The story is based on an original idea created by Skillet frontman John Cooper alongside  Z2 Comics’ Josh Frankel and Sridhar Reddy. Writers Alex Paknadel and Dan Watters of Random Shock Studios co-wrote the comic with Cooper. Artist Chris Hunt created the cover and interior pages of the comic.

“I am beyond thrilled about Eden,” exclaims Skillet’s John Cooper. “It has always been a dream of mine to create a comic. Comics are still an important part of my life today and I can now share that love with my children with the release of this book. In many ways, this graphic novel is a natural extension of Skillet’s career. It is about perseverance, unlikely heroes, and faith in what you believe. I hope that the fans love it!”

“We are very excited to join forces with John Cooper and the entire Skillet team to create Eden,” states Josh Frankel, CEO of Z2 Comics. “This unique story idea and John’s innate love of comics made this a natural partnership for us. We can’t wait to share this with the world. This further cements Z2 Comics’ reputation as the premier home for artists, musicians and their exclusive graphic novel projects.”

The story of Eden: A Skillet Graphic Novel follows the two main characters of John and Korey (based on the real life Coopers). To save their family and town, they must uncover the mystery of what lies behind the dreams of a prophecy that threaten to consume them. They set out on a quest that will take them through the barren wastelands and gleaming cities of a near-future Tennessee. Bandmates Seth Morrison and Jen Ledger are also focal characters in the story about survival, determination and strength of personal beliefs.

Eden: A Skillet Graphic Novel

Story by John Cooper, Josh Frankel, and Sridhar Reddy
Written by John Cooper, Alex Paknadel, and Dan Watters
Art by Chris Hunt
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