Georgia-filmed movie displays fresh perspective in faith-based movie genre through humor, drama and Biblically sound narrative.

Now in select movie theaters, the film Small Group is a comedy-drama that examines the dynamics of the small group movement within mega-church culture. Writer/director Matt Chastain’s approach to the script was to avoid some of the cheesy tropes typically associated with faith-based films while maintaining a Biblically-sound story.

“I’m offering a no-cheese guarantee,” said Chastain. “I often hear Christian movies labeled as ‘sermon films’—because viewers’ experience is similar to attending a worship service. In a small group, however, you crack jokes you wouldn’t tell in church. You laugh together, pray together and even cry together. That’s the experience I want viewers to have with Small Group: The Movie.

Filmed and produced in Athens, Ga., Small Group reflects real-life experiences of people who join a small group through their local church. The film will make you laugh and cry while delivering a powerful Biblical message of authenticity.

The film centers around R. Scott Cooper, played by Sterling Hurst, a filmmaker who moves across the country to make a documentary about the diminishing impact of Christianity. After learning his producer’s true intention to create a hit piece rather than an objective documentary, Cooper starts to back away from the project, but due to financial hardship is forced to take the job.

The undercover filmmaker infiltrates a small group full of skepticism, curiosity, tragedy and a challenge to his own beliefs. His journey is one that audiences find intriguing and relatable.

“The idea for the movie came from my personal experience in a small group,” said Chastain, who also acts in the film. “I was drawn to the authenticity and candor of real friendships. A small group is such a rich environment for storytelling.”

Small Group: The Movie is set to premiere in nearly 100 theaters. View the full list of theaters at

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