We put out the call for your favorite Christian stories and storytellers of 2010—in all genres, including Amish, Historical, Suspense, Speculative, Romance, Contemporary fiction and more. See how FamilyFiction readers voted!

And if some of your favorite authors didn’t make the list this year, fear not—there’s always next year …

See the whole list of winners here: 2011 FamilyFiction Readers Choice Awards

01 The Collected Eye Witness Slipcased Set
Robert James Luedke (Head Press)

02 The Action Bible: God’s Redemptive Story
Sergio Cariello, illustrator; Doug Mauss, editor (David C. Cook)
03 The Lost Books: The Visual Edition
Ted Dekker, Various (Thomas Nelson)
04 Priscilla #1-3
Peter Gonzales and Jamie Cosley (Crown of Life Junior Comics)
05 The Cardinal
K.J. Kolka (Comics Sherpa)

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About The Author

A lifetime lover of the medium of comics, Robert is dedicated to utilizing the format of the graphic novel to reach those who might not be open hearing the Gospel through other methods. His award-winning Eye Witness series adapts the story of the birth of the Christian faith and pairs it with a modern day story of mystery and intrigue -- a format that's a cross between "Indiana Jones and Eugene Peterson's Message Bible."