B&H Kids is partnering with P23 Entertainment Inc. to produce 26 episodes of Bibleman: The Animated Adventures.

“We are very excited about the rebranding the iconic franchise,” says Cliff McDowell, president of P23 Entertainment. “This is something that I wanted to produce for over eight years. Taking it into the animation world only made the best creative sense, and the ministry impact will last for generations to come as animation is timeless.”

“I am looking forward to everyone being able to see the first glimpses of the new series,” says Dan Lynch, publisher for B&H Kids. “It’s been years in the making and we believe old and new Bibleman fans will be thrilled. The new series pays homage to the past and at the same time introduces many new elements, storylines—and of course, villains.”

At the 2015 San Diego ComicCon, B&H Kids announced the re-launch of the long-standing and hugely popular Bibleman brand. Since then, B&H has been revealing new details about the re-launch, including the all-new logo and initial character images. Two complete episodes were previewed at the Christian Comics Arts panel during ComicCon 2016. The first products are scheduled for an October 15 publishing date, and the new animated Bibleman franchise will feature multiple products including DVDs, comics, books, building block sets, mini-figures, and Bibleman’s sword.

The Bibleman brand began in 1995 from Pamplin Entertainment and was primarily a series comprised of live-action videos with other branded books and toys. The brand was later sold to Thomas Nelson, who produced additional live action videos, and was then acquired by B&H Kids in the fall of 2013.

Watch the trailer for the new animated series here!

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