B&H Fiction authors
James L. Rubart,
Brandilyn Collins,
Tosca Lee and Robin
Caroll kept busy this
summer on a book tour
that culminated in New
York City at ThrillerFest.
All are excited about their
upcoming projects:

Brandilyn Collins
Collins says her next
Seatbelt Suspense book is
the novel she was “made
to write.” Over the Edge
(May 2011) is about Lyme
disease and the “Lyme
wars.” She knows
of what she writes:
Crippled with the disease
in 2002, Brandilyn experienced
all the nightmares
of Lyme before God
miraculously healed
her in 2003.

James L. Rubart
The ideas behind Rubart’s
Book of Days (January
2011) came about when
his father was diagnosed
with Alzheimer’s 10 years
ago. “I began to wonder
where his memories were
disappearing to,” Rubart
says. “Did they exist somewhere?
Were they saved
by God so they could be restored
to my dad some

Tosca Lee
Lee says her January
2012 book Iscariot is “one
of the most intense things
I’ve ever done, and one of
the most personally meaningful,
frightening and
redemptive.” She’s also
co-writing The Forbidden
series (Center Street) with
Ted Dekker, which some
think could rival the
impact of his Circle series.

Robin Caroll
Robin Caroll’s latest novel,
Fear No Evil, was written
to raise awareness about
gangs. “As a mother,
learning how gangs
recruit children broke my
heart.” Look for her March
2011 release, In the
Shadow of Evil,
a story set
in Louisiana about a
building rebound scam.

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About The Author

James L. Rubart is a professional marketer, speaker, and writer. He serves on the board of the Northwest Christian Writers Association and lives with his wife and sons in Seattle, Washington.