A Second Chance for the Cowboy
The Sawyer Ranch Cowboys Series #1
Z. Peabody
Z. Peabody Publishing LLC
Genres: Contemporary, Romance
Release Date: July 1, 2022

ISBN-13: ‎ 979-8985589214

Book Summary:
The years of good and plenty that Quint Sawyer now cherishes have not always been the case. And it is only by Grace that Quint is given a second chance at love. Quint is a fourth-generation cattle rancher. His heart and love is in the land that he works. For Quint, there’s no better life than the open range of his Montana home.

The first time he met the fiery Penniford Elliott, they didn’t hit it off, and every time they’ve crossed each other’s path since then, Quint has gotten Penni out of one mess after another.

“It doesn’t matter where or how your life starts; it matters how your life ends.”

Penniford Elliot is far from her home in the upstate suburbs of Illinois. For one Summer, Penni traded in her structured life to go visit her aunt in the unpredictable, wide open spaces of Montana. Penni soon discovers that she isn’t cut out for the wide-open spaces or the ever-present Quint Sawyer.

These books are about redemption, finding love, and getting a second chance.


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About The Author

Z. Peabody is new to Christian Romance. A believer in the teachings of Christ, Z. came to Christ at any early age. It was her deep love of Christ's teachings that lead Z. to read Young Adult Christian novels as a teenager. Years later, Z. finally sat down and applied pen to paper to start writing her own Adult Christian Romance novel. My characters are not perfect, and I wanted to write storylines that show that the walk to Christianity is not always an easy one. “Above all, love deeply.”

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