Wings of Change
Tèarmann Chronicles #3
TR Moore Ede
Genres: YA/Teen, Fantasy
Release Date: December 16, 2020

ISBN-10 : 1777355044
ISBN-13 : 978-1777355043

Book Summary:
Over half her life Irene has been trapped in a form not her own while running for her life.

Born as a dragon, Irene has had to learn how to adapt to being a human. Although her transformation was to protect her, it has only done so much. Stripped of family, friends and a home, Irene wanders about, trying to survive and stay away from those after her, the slayers.

Irene, guaranteed older than anyone she encounters, still bears the appearance of a young adult if not a teenager; barely. Over the many years she has blocked herself off from any sort of relationship with anyone, not wanting to get them in danger. But when Officer Quinn Rasper appears, she can’t seem to shake him, each encounter seeming to show him that she’s not normal. Can she avoid both the slayers and Officer Rasper or will she cut short her limited stay in Tèarmann?


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