Forensic archaeologist, Terry Harper is known to TV audiences around the world as “The Bone Man”. Through his many books, documentaries and prime time TV specials he has taken the sometimes tedious science of archaeology, and brought it into mainstream American pop culture by making it entertaining as well as educational. This strategy has not only opened up the world of archaeology to a whole new generation of enthusiasts, but created a lot of resentment from among his peers, who view his methods as too flamboyant.

After completing a consulting assignment with the Israeli Ministry of Antiquities, Dr. Harper finds himself caught in the middle of an attempted suicide bombing. Was this a random act of violence against the Jewish state, or was it targeting the controversial scientist himself? As he battles hidden shadowy forces to hold on to life itself, Dr. Harper, is taken on a journey of historical discovery and spiritual awakening by someone who was an actual eyewitness to the birth of the Christian faith.

In this second book of the Eye Witness Trilogy, author/illustrator Robert James Luedke continues a modern day tale of mystery and political intrigue (began in Book One – Eye Witness: A Fictional Tale of Absolute Truth) and combines it with an in-depth tour of the roots of the Christian faith, from the morning of the resurrection, through Saul’s conversion on the road to Damascus.