In April 1861, Lyndel Keim discovers two runaway slaves in
her family’s barn. When the men are captured and returned to their
plantation, Lyndel and her young Amish beau, Nathaniel King, find
themselves at odds with their pacifist Amish colony.

enlists in what will become the famous Iron Brigade of the Union Army.
Lyndel enters the fray as a Brigade nurse on the battlefield, sticking
close to Nathaniel as they both witness the horrors of war — including the
battles at Chancellorsville, Fredericksburg, and Antietam. Despite the
pair’s heroic sacrifices, the Amish only see that Lyndel and Nathaniel
have become part of the war effort, and both are banished.

And a
severe battle wound at Gettysburg threatens Nathaniel’s life. Lyndel
must call upon her faith in God to endure the savage conflict and to
face its painful aftermath, not knowing if Nathaniel is alive or dead.
Will the momentous battle change her life forever, just as it will
change the course of the war and the history of her country?

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About The Author

Author, Baptist pastor, and historian, Murray Pura began writing at an early age. He has since published numerous works of both fiction and nonfiction. Murray lives in Canada where he enjoys the frontier landscape and its people. He has performed speaking engagements in such cities as Toronto, Vancouver, Halifax, Edmonton, Winnipeg, and Denver. He continues to pastor and write in southern Alberta near the Rocky Mountains.

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