Typically, Thunder Ridge, Texas, is dry as a bone. But Audrey Pride has
arrived under a storm cloud, one that is deluging the shocked community
with weeks of relentless, drenching rain. With travel in and out of
town rendered impossible, there is much important work for her to
do—especially when an epidemic of violent illness, originating from a
stranded wagon train, spreads rapidly throughout Thunder Ridge. Caring
for the sick is consuming Audrey’s every waking hour … yet her thoughts
keep returning to the attractive widower Eli Gray.


Eli has long
been haunted by the fact that he was away at war when his beloved wife
died in childbirth. Little by little, however, he is opening his heart
again. Now, as their town sags under the crushing weight of water and
disease, Audrey and Eli will need to depend on each other in ways they
never imagined possible.