The Station Keeper’s Surrender
Wells Fargo West Series #2
Julia David
Field Runner Press
Genres: Historical Romance
Release Date: July 16, 2021

ISBN-10: ‎ 1639720669
ISBN-13: ‎ 978-1639720668

Book Summary:
A Sweeping Adventure and Enticing Romance across the Nevada Desert.

In 1863, widow Ava Farrows is stunned. The Wells Fargo Company has awarded her and her eight-year-old son the position of Wells Fargo Station Keeper. In the middle of the Nevada desert, Austin Station sits within hundreds of miles of barren hills and an unforgiving landscape. After a month on the job, she and Matthew perform the daily routines and rely on the Wells Fargo driver and shotgun messenger that come through regularly. But the eerie sounds of the dark desert night are about to do her in.

Fort Churchill’s new commander, Adam Townes hears a rumor amongst his soldiers. There is a lovely young woman in the Austin Station post alone, without a man. After arriving at Austin Station, he vacillates between intrigue and anger. The sight of the stunning widow, Farrow, has shocked his military senses speechless. But the mistake of hiring her for the Wells Fargo post is as blatantly mixed up as a lizard sipping sweet tea. The beautiful southern belle is far out of place and he cannot allow the danger that will befall her.

Lacking her cordial smile, she disagrees with his assessment to surrender her post- and his men are watching…

Kidnapping her son might not have been his smartest show of force.

Now she only sees danger in his presence. But the desire to turn her opinion and see his side as honorable is a necessity. Surrender will equal survival.


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About The Author

Julia David is an avid journal writer, published romance author, serial DIY'er and certified life coach. Addicted to Hallmark movies and baking, she believes it's crucial to have some predictable things in life. Her tag line 'escape to an era where true love prevails' was from her own reason for reading stacks of books. Married and mother to five, she also ministers to pregnant and parenting teens.

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