Will the Gifts of Arman Be Enough to Defeat the Armies Gathering against His Name?

One battle is over, but the war has just begun. The Kinsman remnant escaped the Five Realms and have found a home, but peace is much harder to find. The aftermath of the Battle of Sarikar should have been a time to mourn those lost in the slaughter. The enemies of Armania are many, however, and when one steps back to regroup, another surges forward in attack.

While the remnant must take responsibility for the evil they brought to Er’Rets, it would seem that something just as dark already existed in this new world. The growing struggle between Armania and Barthel Rogedoth is but a pale reflection of a far more dangerous battle for the souls of humanity.

The Hadar family and their allies prepare to make one final stand in the name of Arman. There shall be war–in Er’Rets and in the Veil–to vanquish evil or be ruled by darkness. And so begins this rousing and epic conclusion to Jill Williamson’s The Kinsman Chronicles.

This third volume collects parts seven through nine of The Kinsman Chronicles originally released as ebooks.
Part 7–The Reluctant King
Part 8–A Deliverer Comes
Part 9–Warriors of the Veil