Benjamin White’s wife died in a flood and left him with twin daughters. Not only has he lost his wife, but he feels responsible for the disaster since he designed the failed dam. He wants to help rebuild and assuage his guilt, but his one-year-old daughters need care. Then Ben hears about a ship carrying mail-order brides to the New World and requests one be sent to him. His letter is picked, and Elli Korpela is designated as his new bride.

Elli is determined to meet this new challenge head on. She has nothing left in Finland, and she’s sure she can be the perfect wife to Ben and mother to the twin girls. She marries Benjamin and the two find they are immediately attracted to one another.

When someone sets fire to their house, Elli manages to put out the flames but realizes she hasn’t found the safe haven she expected. Is the arsonist stalker one of her dead father’s political opponents or someone closer to home? It will take all the trust she and Ben can muster to uncover and defeat their joint enemy.