Dream Big for Kids
Bob Goff, Lindsey Goff Viducich
Thomas Nelson
Genres: Children’s
Release Date: October 4, 2022

ISBN-10: ‎ 1400220890
ISBN-13: ‎ 978-1400220892

Book Summary:
What if you were created for something so special, so amazing, so big that you could change the world? Dream Big for Kids, by New York Times bestselling author Bob Goff and his daughter, Lindsey, shares the inspiring message that your dreams have a purpose. In this children’s book about aspirations, kids will find that dreaming big is about becoming the wonderful, creative person God created them to be.

Bob Goff wants kids to know that their dreams matter! Dream Big for Kids invites readers on a journey of discovering what it means to dream big. From writing songs to climbing mountains to fighting sickness as a doctor or scientist, dreams don’t look the same for everyone. And they don’t become “big dreams” because they’re loud or popular. Dreams grow from the creative spirit and individual spark God put in each of us to make a difference, to build something new, and to help the world.


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About The Author

Bob Goff is a New York Times bestselling author of “Love Does; Everybody, Always; Dream Big” and “Undistracted.” as well as the children’s titles “Love Does for Kids” and “Everybody, Always for Kids.” He is the honorary consul to the Republic of Uganda, an attorney, and the founder of Love Does - a nonprofit human rights organization operating in India, Uganda, Nepal, Somalia, Afghanistan, USA, Conga, and Dominican Republic. He's a lover of balloons, cake pops, and helping people pursue their big dreams. Bob is best-known for his contagious joy and spot-on encouraging storytelling on social media to his million plus followers across Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. The eternal optimist, he is living proof that positive thinking extends your lifespan and radical hope offsets the fatigue of the last couple of years. Bob’s greatest ambitions in life are to love others, do stuff, and most importantly, to hold hands with his wife, Sweet Maria Goff, and spend time with their amazing children and grandkids.

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Dream Big for Kids

Christian Fiction New Book Release: Dream Big for Kids by Bob Goff and Lindsey Goff Viducich