Journalist Dani Gallagher finds a tattered diary written in the Roaring Twenties—and clues to a lost treasure. Chef Nicky Fiorini helps unravel the clues, and attraction ignites, but Dani is hiding her own secret. In hopes of a great story, she’s using questionable means to gather information on a local teen gang. Just as she and Nicky are on the verge of solving the mystery, internal fighting breaks out in the gang. Dani is caught the middle, and Nicky is furious. Then the diary leads to a hidden room and a shocking discovery, but have they missed the real treasure?

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About The Author

Becky Melby and her husband Bill are Wisconsin residents who have four married sons and fifteen grandchildren. When she’s not writing or spoiling grandkids, Becky loves riding on the back of their Honda Gold Wing or seeing the country in their RV.

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