The third and final installment of Becky Melby’s
Lost Sanctuary series delivers a story about
what happens when the past and present collide.
Today’s Shadows (Barbour Publishing) follows
Heather Conrad as she finds herself in an unexpected
situation, house-sitting an old Victorian
and caring for a 6-year-old. For Becky, ending
the series was not an easy thing to do. “It was
hard to see the Lost Sanctuary series come to an
end because the concept of two characters living
in the same location decades apart still fascinates
me. It was so much fun to create ‘clues
from the past’ in the form of hidden rooms and
doors and forgotten letters or diaries.”

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About The Author

Becky Melby and her husband Bill are Wisconsin residents who have four married sons and fifteen grandchildren. When she’s not writing or spoiling grandkids, Becky loves riding on the back of their Honda Gold Wing or seeing the country in their RV.