Down to the Potter’s House
My Father Series #2
Annette Valentine
Morgan James Fiction
Genres: Historical
Release Date: November 3, 2020

ISBN-10 : 1631950797
ISBN-13 : 978-1631950797

Book Summary:
Down to the Potter’s House is a 1921-1942 historical tale set on a tobacco farm turned racehorse breeding stable in rural Kentucky, and follows the tenacious Gracie Maxwell to higher ground as she climbs and never stops. A fast-moving novel of romance and redemption, intrigue and revenge, the book showcases a finely-tuned protagonist who grows from naive schoolgirl to committed missionary to loving wife and mother. Written in an exquisite style, Down to the Potter’s House is an astute study of the contrast between good and evil inside an extended family.


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About The Author

Annette Valentine is an inspirational storyteller with a flair for the unexpected. By age eleven, she knew that writing was an integral part of her creative nature. Annette graduated with distinction from Purdue and founded an interior design firm which spanned a 34-year career in Lafayette, Indiana and Brentwood, Tennessee. Annette is also an advocate for victims and survivors of human trafficking. Annette writes through the varied lens of colorful personal experience and the absorbing reality of humanity’s search for meaning. "Eastbound From Flagstaff" is her first novel, and "Down to the Potter's House" is her second.

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