Review: Ginny Aiken’s SHE SHALL BE PRAISED

"Aiken's precise attention to detail makes this book an exciting dip into America's early days, filled with shimmering balls, elegant waltzes, lovely dresses'and towering trees, and unlimited, wild Western landscapes, and gorgeous sunrises over the mountains."


"Herein lies the persistent theme of the novel: it is not circumstance that gives value to life, but character and how one chooses to respond. Destiny and purpose lie solely in God's hands; the solution to life's hurdles is not in man's strength, but in His outpouring."

Review: Pam Hillman’s CLAIMING MARIAH

"Pam Hillman has authored a compelling novel depicting the struggles and successes of frontier life during the late 1800s. The characters are realistic, with unique faults and endearing traits."

Review: Ronie Kendig’s BEOWULF

More than just recounting the stories of valiant soldiers, Beowulf exposes the harrowing elements of a life of service: traumatic brain injuries, PTSD, sexual assault, amputations, disintegrating family structures.

Review: Lynn Austin’s RETURN TO ME

"When a biblical fiction novel makes readers yearn for and turn to the Bible, it has succeeded in its purpose to speak to the heart and its desire to draw closer to God's encompassing embrace."

Review: Lisa T. Bergren’s GLITTERING PROMISES

"As much a story about spiritual awakening and personal acceptance as it is a romantic suspense, Glittering Promises is the satisfying conclusion that readers having been seeking for this rags to riches tale."