Two words: Me time. Set aside some me time to read Terri
Gillespie’s book, She Does Good Hair (Kindle Direct), because it captures the reader from page one and
doesn’t let go. The characters are vivid, well-defined, and incredibly
relatable. The story grabs one’s attention and holds it until the the very last
page, leaving you hungry for more. Good thing there’s a second book coming out

A lot of people run from painful memories of their past, or run
from fears about their future, and the main character, Shira is no different.
Trying to put the pain of her mother’s passing, and her father’s negligence
behind her, Shira believes living far away and burying herself in work would do
the trick. She bravely strives to reach the top echelon of her profession,
pouring herself into her work, as well as a few dead-end relationships along
the way. Although she eventually becomes one of the top hair stylists in New York City,
it doesn’t undo the past.

Another missed call from her Aunt Edna, but Shira decides to put
off returning her call until tomorrow. Unfortunately tomorrow is too late.
Instead, she receives a call from her distant father telling her the news that
her dear Aunt Edna had passed in the night. Shira plays her aunt’s final
message over and over, lost in her voice and collapsed under the weight of such
profound loss, her grief tangible and intense. Her aunt was her only mother
figure since Shira’s mom had passed and now God has taken her too. To Shira, it
was only more proof that God doesn’t care too much about her.

Shira would now have to return to her childhood home of Gladstone
for her Aunt Edna’s funeral and face her father, someone she wasn’t very
interested in seeing. Aunt Edna’s death forces Shira to make some impossible
decisions, and while in Gladstone for the funeral, Shira meets Jesse Fox, her Aunt Edna’s attorney and someone her aunt Edna was hoping Shira would get to
know. Shira found Jesse Fox as frustrating as he was handsome. Their
relationship is awkward, compelling, and funny, coupled with the stress of
Shira’s lack of relationship with Christ compared to Jesse’s deep commitment to
his faith.

Aunt Edna had other plans for Shira beyond just hoping to
introduce her to Jesse someday. In aunt Edna’s will she asks Shira to take over
her salon, the Hair Mavens Beauty Shop, insisting that Shira keep the current
staff. This group of vibrant and colorful characters add an incredible depth to
the story. Aunt Edna found each of them irreplaceable, and considered them
family, but Shira determined she could definitely live without some of them.
How all of their stories are connected through their relationships with Shira’s
aunt Edna is riddled with mystery and intrigue. In this group of people she
didn’t need, Shira discovers friendships she never expected. Would Shira stay
put and take over the shop? Would she open her heart to Jesse? To her father?
To her heavenly Father?

Two words: Me time. Be sure to schedule your “me time” right
away and grab your copy of Terri Gillespie’s She Does Good Hair from the Hair Mavens series. Click HERE to get your copy, at a special price of
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