Fourteen Miles East of Peachtree, Alabama, a Secret Is Concealed …

Annabel Lee, a fast-paced and tense race to find a hidden young girl

Bestselling author Mike Nappa has written more than fifty books and has sold over a million copies worldwide. A former youth pastor and book acquisitions editor, the founder of Nappaland Literary Agency, and the publisher of, he has had the opportunity to influence and inspire many people through his work. Nappa has now successfully explored a new, suspenseful approach to reach his readers as he releases Annabel Lee, the first book in the Coffey & Hill series.

Annabel Lee Truckson has been stowed deep underground in a military-style bunker by her mysterious uncle. Although Annabel has depended on her uncle Truck for as long as she can remember, she struggles to understand why she has been hidden. He has left her with a barely controlled guard dog and explicit instructions:  “Don’t open that door for anybody . . . not even me.”

Aboveground, a former army sniper called The Mute and an enigmatic “Dr. Smith” know about the girl. As the race begins to find her, the tension builds. Who will reach her first?

Private investigators Trudi Coffey and Samuel Hill need to piece together the clues and stay alive long enough to retrieve the girl—before it’s too late.

Nappa unravels the history of these captivating characters with a glimpse into the minds of Annabel, Trudi, and The Mute, revealing this exciting tale from many angles. He provides an understanding of obedience, trust, love, and faith, all tangled in a gripping storyline and lovable characters. With its stunning writing and relentless pace, Annabel Lee will captivate readers from the first page.

“A relentless surge of suspense and mounting tension coupled with an engaging mix of characters. With Annabel Lee, Mike Nappa skillfully sets the stage for an irresistible series of Coffey & Hill thrillers.”—Jack Cavanaugh, award-winning author of twenty-six novels

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