The Amish author shares how her fiction ministers to her as much as it does her readers.

Amy Clipston is the bestselling author of the Kauffman Amish Bakery and Hearts of Lancaster Grand Hotel series. Her Amish Homestead series continues with A Seat by the Hearth (Zondervan): Priscilla Allgyer knows she cannot leave the past behind—but can love lead her toward the promise of healing? In this interview, Amy explains the overarching theme of the books, reveals why her leading man reminds her of her father, and suggests why Amish fiction is so popular…

Amy, A Seat by the Hearth is the third book in the Amish Homestead series. What can you tell us about the overarching arc or theme of the series?

I think all of my books have the theme of forgiveness and faith in God. All of my characters go through a journey of realizing that God’s love for them is eternal, no matter what they face, whether it’s navigating grief or a broken relationship. My characters learn that God is bigger than their problems and will always carry them through their troubled waters.

How does A Seat by the Hearth fit into the bigger picture of the series?

A Seat by the Hearth is Mark Riehl’s story. He is the second oldest son in the Riehl family and Laura’s twin. This story features his road to finding his forever love.

Tell us about Priscilla Allgyer and Mark Riehl. What about them made you want to tell their story?

Oh, I had so much fun writing this book! Mark Riehl is my favorite character in the series. He is a jokester and also a flirt. He’s used to having girls following him around while waiting for him to ask one of them to date him.

When he meets Priscilla, the tables have turned for him, and for the first time, he finds himself falling for her, but he has to work to get her attention.

I enjoyed having Mark doubt himself and have to ask his older brother for advice for a change. I also enjoyed exploring Priscilla’s character since she has been hurt by her father and then her ex-boyfriend. It was fun to have Priscilla return to her community and find her way back home.

Find out how Amy included memories of her father in the novel…

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