How does your faith impact how you approach your storytelling?

My faith comes first in my life, and in my characters’ lives. I asked Jesus Christ to forgive my wrongs and told him I believed he died and rose again as a sacrifice for those wrongs, and asked him to come into my heart has a child. I’ve never regretted it.

In my journey of life, there’s been tragedies, difficulties, wrong decisions, and health scares. But he swoops in and throws out my bitter cake full of anger, frustration, and sadness many times and replaces it with a nice fluffy one full of joy, courage, and strength. My characters will have flaws and make big mistakes, but never abandon their faith in God.

What’s your favorite thing about writing Amish historical romance fiction?

I love writing stories to entertain readers and share with them the lifestyles and traditions of the Amish. I like researching the historical events for the year I choose for the story and inserting these tidbits in the chapters for readers to enjoy.

It’s fun to name the president for the time period and notable events that may stir conversation in their homes with grandparents reminiscing about what their parents told them about this particular year.

What do you hope readers take away after reading Ellie’s Redemption?

It’s never too late to seek redemption no matter what the reason. Ellie has to face the consequences, but she learns from her mistakes, and her faith in God never wavers. I hope they root for Ellie and Joel, drop their jaws at the bad and good surprises I throw in, laugh with Ellie, and say they don’t want the story to end!

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Ellie’s Redemption
The Amish Charm Bakery #2
Molly Jebber

The comforting aroma of fresh baked-and-buttered bread. The hearty spice of cinnamon-oatmeal bars and hot coffee. In 1912 Ohio, The Amish Charm Bakery is the sweet sustaining center of a faith-abiding town built on peace, forgiveness—and ever-surprising love…

Ellie Graber couldn’t be happier working at Amish Charm—and making good on a precious chance to reunite with her Amish community. Grief over her mother’s death made her rebel and try the Englischer world, but now she’s home to start again. And quiet, thoughtful Joel Wenger is one of the few willing to understand her as their unexpected friendship develops into something much more…

But no matter how hard Ellie tries, Joel’s mother resolutely refuses to approve of her—much less accept her as a potential daughter-in-law. And as painful misunderstandings and a beautiful rival for Joel’s affections threaten to separate the couple for good, can they bridge the gap between distrust and faith to secure a lifetime of love?

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