Nashville, TN (November 3, 2021)
As a child Amanda G. Stevens disparaged Mary Poppins and Stuart Little because they could never happen. Now she writes fiction flavored with fantasy. She is the author of the Haven Seekers Series and the No Less Days Series. Now Amanda has released her latest book, All That’s Fair, book number three in her No Less Days Series.

All That’s Fair
No Less Days Series #3
Amanda G Stevens
Genres: Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Release Date: November 2, 2021

ASIN: ‎ B0951L5VCT

Book Summary:
Unable for the last century to grow old or succumb to injury, Cady Schuster has lost a lot of people, some more recently than others. She’s trying to find new belonging in Harbor Vale, Michigan, among a welcoming little group of fellow ageless folk. Then she meets Paige, a mortal woman who needs a friend–and might need help.

Paige’s husband rules their church with an authority unquestioned by his congregation. When Paige suddenly severs all communication, Cady determines to find her. Churchgoers warn her off, and the behavior of Paige’s husband proves a still bigger warning. Is this friend lost too, or can Cady help her? And how far should an ageless woman involve herself in the conflicts of mortals?


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About The Author

As a child, Amanda G. Stevens disparaged Mary Poppins and Stuart Little because they could never happen. Now, she writes speculative fiction. Holding a Bachelor of Science degree in English, she has taught literature and composition to home-school students. She lives in Michigan and loves books, film, music, and white cheddar popcorn.