For our FamilyFiction 2023 Suspense Reader’s Poll, we asked our readers to weigh in on their favorite type of suspense, their favorite Christian Suspense authors. We’re pleased to announce the results right here!

FamilyFiction reader’s favorite type of suspense novel:
Romantic Suspense – 62%
Mysteries – 21%
Suspense – 15%
Military/Political Thrillers – 1%
Others – 1%


FamilyFiction 2023 Suspense Reader’s Poll Top 20 Favorite Authors:
#1 Lynette Eason

Lynette Eason

#2 Elizabeth Goddard

Elizabeth Goddard

#3 Colleen Coble

Colleen Coble

#4 Lynn H. Blackburn

Lynn H. Blackburn

#5 Irene Hannon

Irene Hannon

#6 Terri Blackstock

Terri Blackstock

#7 Patricia Bradley

Patricia Bradley

#8 Dani Pettrey

Dani Pettrey

#9 Dee Henderson

Dee Henderson

#10 Nancy Mehl

Nancy Mehl

#11 Susan May Warren

Susan May Warren

#12 Lisa Harris

Lisa Harris

#13 Susan Sleeman

Susan Sleeman

#14 Christy Barritt

Christy Barritt

#15 Mary Alford

Mary Alford

#16 Natalie Walters

Natalie Walters

#17 Jaime Jo Wright

Jaime Jo Wright

#18 DiAnn Mills

DiAnn Mills

#19 Ronie Kendig

Ronie Kendig

#20 Janice Cantore

Janice Cantore

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