Television has all sorts of cop series, showcasing the quirky,
defiant, dedicated—and sometimes crazy—police officers
who uphold the law. Solve crimes with the best of them
by reading the following authors’ stories about those who
serve and protect.

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Janice CantoreJanice Cantore
A Long Island, Calif., police officer of 22 years,
Janice Cantore retired and pursued a writing
career. Accused, Abducted and her March
release, Avenged, comprise her Pacific Coast
Justice Series (Tyndale House).

Mark Mynheir
Mark Mynheir has penned five novels with
police officers as leading characters; and as a
former narcotics agent, S.W.A.T. team member
and homicide detective, he writes what he
knows. Discover The Nightwatchman and The
(Multnomah Books).

M.K. Gilroy
With more than three decades in publishing,
Mark Gilroy turned his hand to writing novels,
and in 2012 police detective Kristen Connor hit
the shelves. Cuts Like a Knife and Every Breath
You Take
(Worthy Publishing) tell her story.

J. Mark Bertrand
Long fascinated with crime novels, J. Mark
Bertrand jumped at the chance to give voice
to a middle-aged detective, dedicated yet
burdened by his job, called Roland March.
Accolades have followed Back on Murder,
Pattern of Wounds and Nothing to Hide
(Bethany House).

Chris Well
FamilyFiction editor Chris Well began his career
as a novelist with Forgiving Solomon Long,
starring Detective Tom Griggs. Chris continues
to focus on the crime genre in his Earl Walker
mysteries (Spyglass Lane Mysteries) and Too
Good to be Truman

Jerry B. Jenkins
New York Times bestselling novelist Jerry B.
Jenkins honored the long line of police officers
in his family by writing his Precinct 11 trilogy,
which is now complete: The Brotherhood, The
, and The Breakthrough (Tyndale House).

Brandt Dodson
Danger and thrills abound in Brandt Dodson’s
recent release The Sons of Jude (Monarch
Books), featuring Chicago detectives Frank
Campello and Andy Polanski investigating a
young woman’s murder.

Kathy Herman
Mystery novelist Kathy Herman bases her
Sophie Trace trilogy around the town’s first
female police chief—
Brill Jessup, a woman adept
at solving crime but insecure in her family life.
Read The Real Enemy, The Last Word and The
Right Call
(David C. Cook).

Randy Alcorn
Founder of Eternal Perspectives Ministries,
Randy Alcorn combines crime, mystery and
the supernatural in his Detective Ollie Chandler
trilogy, Deadline, Dominion and Deception
(Multnomah Books).

F.P. Lione
Husband and wife team Frank and Pam Lione, under the pen name F.P. Lione, are the authors of Clear Blue Sky and the
Midtown Blues Series: The Deuce, Skells and
The Crossroads (Revell Books). Frank is an NYPD
veteran, and both Frank and Pam were born to
New York police detectives.

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