The author talks about the real-life spiritual warfare behind her Delusion series.

In a youth culture intrigued by the paranormal yet often skeptical of biblical claims, Laura Gallier seeks to bring awareness and understanding to issues surrounding the supernatural. Having battled her own enemies of the soul throughout her teen and young adult years, she is on a mission to expose deception with the light of truth, bringing hope and healing to a generation in need.

Her latest novel is The Deception (Tyndale House), the second book in her Delusion series. Less than a year after the horrific Masonville High shooting, Owen Edmonds is determined to uncover why the Creepers have converged on his land and the school―a necessary step in his mission to drive evil forces out of his town.

In this interview, she reveals the origins of the Delusion series, explains the role faith plays in the story, and how the speculative elements reflect the real-life spiritual warfare taking place around us…

What inspired you to write the Delusion series?

I wanted to help readers understand the reality of the spiritual world and how our choices can either invoke evil or unleash God’s power to operate in our lives. We can’t be afraid of the topic of demons and spiritual warfare; that in and of itself is the work of the enemy.

How do you expect The Deception to resonate with your audience?

I pray The Deception exposes the deceptive nature of sin and evil and how wickedness often masquerades as helpful and harmless. I hope readers develop a greater appreciation for God’s boundaries, clearly stated in the Bible, regarding explorations into the paranormal world and experimenting with witchcraft, which has become a trendy form of entertainment in our society.

What role does faith play in this story?

Faith is a driving theme. That said, The Deception draws attention to counterfeit forms of faith and how our belief in the supernatural can actually open the door to demonic entities if we don’t know and follow biblical boundaries and standards.

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