A young man travels the globe, searching for clues, solving riddles and having adventures.

Sounds like a dream for some kids, but 13-year-old Samuel L. Collins didn’t just dream it. He is living it. As the star of Samuel L. Collins and the Search for Biblical Truths, he has traveled to Bali, Berlin, and Singapore, filming the adventures of his on-screen alter ego.

In each episode, Samuel faces intriguing puzzles and moral dilemmas. “I think it’s pretty awesome to be able to help other boys and girls see the example of the stories,” Samuel says. “We are hoping to push a couple messages forward. The main one is that we have to obey God when he talks to us.”

Samuel’s whole family brought the series to life. Developing the stories, his parents, John and Kristi Collins, wanted to show a realistic kid who could be a positive role model. In each episode, viewers see Sam pray, use scripture, and receive counsel from his father.

Samuel’s real-life sister, Katie Collins, plays his sister in the episodes because they wanted to show “God honoring children working together and having fun,” Kristi says.

The first two episodes, “Singapore” and “Bali,” are available now on DVD. The “Berlin” episode and two double-length episodes, one filmed at the Answers in Genesis museum and the other in Florida, are coming soon. However, on March 10, 2012, The Search for Biblical Truths begins airing weekly on the NRB Network.

Viewers can also get in on the adventure by going to the website, where they can solve puzzles and register to win prizes like T-shirts, DVDs and a grand prize of $10,000.

Samuel never thought that he would be a “movie star.” In fact, he hopes to be an airplane mechanic when he “grows up.” But helping other kids learn about their relationships with God excites him. “It just kind of allows me to see that though you may not understand what God has for you. He still is able to use you in ways that are unimaginable.”


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